Practical, Kind and Effective Counselling Therapy in Toronto

Are you looking for practical and effective therapy and counselling that is provided by skilled and experienced therapists? You’ve come to the right place.

We offer effective, collaborative therapy for individuals, couples and adult families tailored to your personal needs, goals and financial situation. At Clear Path Solutions, our team of experienced therapists and counsellors skilled in the most up-to-date knowledge and understanding of how psychotherapy works.

Our clinical team is led by Dr. Doug Saunders, a senior clinical psychologist with more than 15 years of experience helping people manage personal, family, health and work crises, as well as addictions.

We are able to assess your situation quickly and offer personalized help. We have the evidence that our services are effective and make a real difference.

We work with individuals coping with life challenges including grief and loss, workplace stress, depression and anxiety.

We also offer personalized life coaching for senior executives, professionals, managers and performers looking to make important changes in their lives. We tailor our coaching to your personal needs and situation so that you can redirect your priorities to what’s meaningful and important in your life and future.

We provide effective, collaborative couples therapy and counselling by skilled and experienced therapists in a safe and supportive environment. We have years of experience dealing with a wide variety of marital and family issues. Whether you are dealing with challenges in your immediate relationship or with problematic family relationships, we can help you build positive, intimate and healthy relationships.

Seeking a marriage counsellor in Toronto is a positive step towards building a stronger relationship between you and your spouse. Our therapy and counselling provides the means to overcome feelings of anger, frustration, and despair to allow you and your spouse to feel comfortable addressing conflicts and differences. In this way couples are able to strengthen feelings of trust, intimacy and love within their relationships.

To make an appointment with Clear Path Solutions, you will not be put on a waiting list. We can book an appointment for you right away and you will be seen within a few days depending on your schedule. We also accommodate your busy schedule if you are not available during regular business hours.

We guarantee that within three or four sessions, you will feel noticeably better and have a clear plan to manage or solve your immediate difficulties. To get you started, we offer an initial consultation session that is free if you decide not to continue further. You have nothing to lose but the time you spend with a kind, empathetic and knowledgeable therapist.

The first step is to identify that there is a problem. The next step is to call or email to schedule an appointment at Clear Path Solutions.