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Do you have a problem that you would like to discuss? Our consultation service is a practical, timely, and cost-effective way to face your immediate problems.

Executive Consultation

Do you face challenges as a business leader?

As a business leader do you have a problem or decision that you cannot discuss with anyone at work? Are you are caught between your personal feelings and what would be best for the business? Are you are unsure how to handle a difficult colleague or subordinate? Do you feel stressed or burdened by a new role?

We can help you.

We can offer an objective perspective and practical advice if you are faced with any of these issues. We can help you to think through how to deal with changes that will affect your employees and the future of your business.

A consultation with us can help you to unpack the issues, clarify your thoughts and feelings, and find a solution.

Professional Consultation

Are you facing challenges as a business professional?

As a business professional are you experiencing a personal or family problem that may hurt your work performance or job satisfaction?

We can help you.

A consultation with us can help you clarify your thoughts and feelings and consider your options so you can find the best solution.

Personal Consultation

Nowhere to turn? We can help.

Do you have something personal or private that you need to talk over? Is it something you can’t productively discuss with family or friends?

Our objective perspective and practical advice can help you manage your worries so that you can gain a fresh perspective and start to regain control of yourself and your life.

Problems we can help with:

Here are examples of problems we can help with:

We can help you with these and other personal problems.

Consultation for Family-Run Businesses

Is your family-run business facing challenges due to family tensions?

Is the success or future of your family business at risk because of tensions or conflicts among family members? Or, would you just like there to be less acrimony? Are conflicting family demands impairing your work performance or professional relationships? Are emotional tensions with a spouse, sibling, child or parent hurting the business?

We can help you.

We can help you, your spouse and family understand and tackle the source of conflict so that together you can find the most effective solutions. A consultation with us can help to identify problems and begin the path to a healthy solution.

Urgent Consultation

Do you have an urgent need to talk to someone? If you call us between 9:00 a.m and 8:00 p.m, we will speak with you immediately or get back to you within two hours.

You can reach us at: 416-597-2614

Why Call?

People call us for a variety of situations such as:

We can help you absorb what has happened, sort through its implications, consider options and develop an action plan to manage the crisis.

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