Family Counselling & Therapy Clinic Toronto


Are there challenges in your family that you would like to address? Is your family facing recurring problems with communication, conflict and tension? We can help.

Our consultation service is a practical, timely, and cost-effective way to face these issues together, enhance your understanding of family members and deepen your connections with each other. Our team understands the importance of tending to the relationship between individual members of the family as well as the dynamics of the group as a whole. Each member will be heard and given a respectful forum to voice their concerns.

There are many benefits that counselling has to offer. It provides a safe space to openly communicate, acknowledge tensions and break free of the negative patterns that prevent true intimacy.  It gives opportunities for family members to learn strategies to manage their own stress, strengthen communication ties and work toward developing a healthy, positive dynamic.

Our clinic has experience helping families through a the following areas of difficulty:

  • providing care for elderly parents or a family member with chronic health concerns
  • managing stress during periods of financial instability
  • adjusting parenting styles to maintain a strong connection with adult children
  • forming positive relationships in blended families with adult children
  • supporting a family member who struggles with mental health or substance abuse concerns.

Consultation for Family-Run Businesses

Is your family-run business facing challenges due to family tensions?

Is the success or future of your family business at risk because of tensions or conflicts among family members? Or, would you just like there to be less acrimony? Are conflicting family demands impairing your work performance or professional relationships? Are emotional tensions with a spouse, sibling, child or parent hurting the business?

We can help you, your spouse and family understand and tackle the source of conflict so that together you can find the most effective solutions. A consultation with us can help to identify problems and begin the path to a healthy solution.

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