Cognitive Assessment

Do you wonder if you have impairments in attention, concentration, memory or learning ability?

We can help you.

We provide Cognitive and Neuropsychological Assessments for ADD and LD. We also provide assessments for memory, learning ability, IQ, cognitive inefficiency or dementia.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Trouble understanding a problem you have?

Do you need some help to understand a psychological or relationship problem?

We can help you.

We can provide you with an assessment to diagnose your problem and advise you about the best type of treatment.

Disability Determination Assessment

Do you need an assessment to help document your disability status?

We can help you.

If you are off work because of stress, burnout, depression, post-traumatic stress, anxiety or addiction, we can prepare a Disability Assessment Report for your insurance company, physician or lawyer.

Medical-Legal Assessment

Do you need a psychological assessment because you have been accused of being mentally unstable, violent, or mentally ill in a civil or criminal law matter? Or, have you developed psychological problems because you were the victim of an assault or other crime?

We can help you.

We can prepare a Medical-Legal Report for you and your lawyer to objectively assess these kinds of issues.

Psychovocational Assessment for Career Planning

Making a career change?

Are you thinking about changing jobs or choosing an academic major at university or college? Are you feeling unsure about which direction to go?

We can help you.

We can help you to identify the type of career or studies that would be most interesting and fulfilling for you. If you complete a Psychovocational Assessment with us, you will learn how to use information about your interests, preferences, abilities and personal style to plan your career.

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