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Medical-Legal Assessments

Do you need a psychological assessment to address legal concerns?

Our clinic is a psychological assessment, treatment and evaluation firm that can provide comprehensive, objective reports that address legal questions for use in litigation and court cases. These areas of evaluation include:

  • Formal diagnosis, discussion of causation, evaluation of contributing factors, prognosis and treatment planning;
  • Identification of psychological impairments and evaluation of severity and permanency;
  • Evaluation of psychological injuries and impact of trauma on functioning;
  • Determination of mental health concerns affecting the ability to provide appropriate parenting;
  • Assessment of risk of violent behaviour and/or likelihood of re-offending;
  • Reports of ongoing progress in counselling for use in court cases.

Assessments would consist of a detailed review of any relevant medical documentation, in-depth clinical interviews and a battery of psychological tests. Our clinicians promise to produce high quality, detailed reports within an agreed upon and reasonable timeline.

For more information, please contact our intake coordinator at with your requirements and timeline.

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