Fees & Insurance Coverage

Our rates are based on the guidelines set by the Ontario Psychological Association. Most extended health insurance plans will cover part or all of your cost to see a psychologist. The amount of coverage varies widely. Check your insurance plan for information about your level of coverage.


Our standard procedure is that you pay after each session. Payment may be made by Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, cheque or cash. We issue you receipts signed by a Director of CPS that enable you to claim reimbursement from your insurance or that you keep for income tax purposes. Payments preauthorized by an insurance company or WSIB, will be billed to the third party directly and you are not required to pay at the end of each session.


We work diligently to meet the needs of our clients in scheduling sessions that are most convenient for them. In return, we ask all our clients to provide at least 24 hours notice if they have to cancel or reschedule their appointment times.

As a result, we charge for missed appointments or appointments cancelled with less that 24 hours notice.