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Signs of depression in men

Men do a wonderful job of masking their emotions.Showing masculinity and strength on the outside when something isn’t right on the inside is something a lot of men tend to do.  Men can also be stubborn, denying they need help until they can’t physically bear the problem anymore. Unfortunately, holding on to difficult emotions  can often lead to bigger problems.

Here are a few signs to determine if you or a male friend may be need to seek Clearpath Solutions for guidance from one of our professional counselors.


Substance abuse: It is very normal to enjoy a cocktail here and there; weekends with friends are great times to let loose and relax. But when Friday and Saturday turn into Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, something could be up. “Alcoholics are almost twice as likely to suffer from major depression as people without a drinking problem,” a article states.

Erectile dysfunction: Depression can leave men with little desire to perform. Erectile dysfunction may even be caused by depression. If more men realized that their depression may be the underlining factor of sexual dysfunction, they may be more willing to seek help.

Thoughts of suicide: According to a article, women are more likely to attempt suicide, but men are more than four times as likely to follow through. The article was also telling in that 70 percent of suicide victims were older gentlemen who saw their primary care physician within a month of their death.

For the article, click here. And remember men: trying to be a man and hide emotions or depression symptoms could lead to bigger problems. Don’t be afraid to seek help. Clear Path Solutions can be an answer to stress management and depression.

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