Addiction Treatment


Do you or someone you know have problems in their personal, family, social or work life due to an unhealthy habit, abuse or dependency? Do you worry that your actions may be threatening or sacrificing important life opportunities, personal relationships or your own health and well-being? We can help.

Addictions may include more than just substances.

Research now indicates that dependency on activities such as gambling, video-game-playing, internet surfing, eating, exercise, shopping, high-risk sex, or pornography at the expense of normal personal, social and work pursuits and relationships are behavioural addictions that have the same impact on our brain chemistry as alcohol and drugs.

We can help you.

We are experienced professionals with particular expertise in behavioural treatments that interrupt and alter these addictive patterns. We provide effective personalized treatments tailored to those who realize they have a problem and want to do something about it.

Alcohol Addiction

Recent scientific research has shown that alcohol is the most abused drug in Canada. It is believed that up to 10% of Canadians experience alcoholism at some point during their lives. Alcohol addiction can have devastating effects on the individual and on his or her loved ones. Aside from its impact on physical health, alcohol addiction greatly impacts the individual’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Long term alcohol dependency can lead to personal losses, financial instability, relationship difficulties, physical and mental abuse, and an array of chronic health problems.

Some signs of alcohol dependency include the following:

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction, we can help you.

Our therapists provide a positive atmosphere that is free of judgment or blame. We can help you learn to overcome your addiction and feel good about yourself.

Problem Gambling

Problem gambling is a serious problem that leads to damaging personal, financial, and emotional consequences. Gambling is not just restricted inside casinos; other types of gambling include lottery tickets, online gambling, poker, video lottery terminals, raffles, bets, and more. With so many diverse ways to gamble, problem gambling is not always obvious.

Signs of problem gambling problem include gambling in secrecy, gambling when you cannot afford to, gambling as an escape from reality, reaching an adrenaline high when gambling, and loved ones expressing concern about your gambling.

If you or a loved one’s gambling has turned from a casual social activity to an addiction, we can help you.

Tobacco/Nicotine Dependency

Cigarettes today carry more nicotine than ever before. Tobacco companies also use additives and chemicals to increase their addictive properties. Individuals who begin to smoke at a young age are particularly susceptible to becoming addicted. Canadians who smoke regularly have about 15 cigarettes per day, on average.

Regular tobacco use can lead to harmful psychological and physical effects.

Tobacco use is the primary cause of preventable disease and death in Canada, and is considered our greatest public health concern. The risk of long-term effects increases with the amount smoked, and the length of time a person smokes.

If you’re having trouble with quitting smoking, we can help you.