Addiction Treatment


Do you or someone you know have problems in their personal, family, social or work life due to an unhealthy habit, abuse or dependency? Do you worry that your actions may be threatening or sacrificing important life opportunities, personal relationships or your own health and well-being? We can help.

Addictions may include more than just substances.

Research now indicates that dependency on activities such as gambling, video-game-playing, internet surfing, eating, exercise, shopping, high-risk sex, or pornography at the expense of normal personal, social and work pursuits and relationships are behavioural addictions that have the same impact on our brain chemistry as alcohol and drugs.

We can help you.

We are experienced professionals with particular expertise in behavioural treatments that interrupt and alter these addictive patterns. We provide effective personalized treatments tailored to those who realize they have a problem and want to do something about it.

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