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Movember and Men’s Mental Health

For the last few years, men around the globe have been growing moustaches in November to support the “Movember” movement.
Movember is an annual event each November that is intended to raise funds and create public awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer.  The Toronto Star recently featured an article about Movember gaining a new focus this year – men’s mental health. According to the Movember website:

  • One in five Canadian men are affected by mental health issues
  • Men are between three and four times more likely to commit suicide than women
  • Men are significantly under-diagnosed with depression and anxiety because they do not recognize their symptoms or are not willing to seek help
  • Four out of five suicides among young people in Canada are committed by men
  • Men diagnosed with depression and/or anxiety are at double the risk of cardiovascular problems

The truth is that for men, requesting help for depression or anxiety is often perceived as a sign of weakness and vulnerability. As a result, men are far less likely than women to seek professional help for mental health concerns.  Click here to see how psychological services can help men combat depression and other mental health issues.

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