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Is Your Job Stressing You Out?

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Scientific research tell us that 1 in 4 Canadian workers find their day-to-day lives “extremely stressful?” Having to do more with less people and fewer resources is a recipe for chronic stress that leads to burnout and short term disability. Even if you’re not in the burn-out phase as yet, job stress can have serious effects on your physical and mental well-being. Here are some steps you can take to manage job stress and enjoy daily life again:

Identify Your Stressors

Everyone has different stressors, and there is no one-size-fits-all job stress situation. Identify what appears to cause you stress, even if it does seem to be rationale. Keep a daily journal or use your smartphone to log your stress and the associated situation(s) that produces greater stress. Note any specific triggers and your responses in reaction to the stressors.

Healthy Awareness

After tracking your stressors for a period, you may notice that your automatic responses are often problematic (like anger, frustration, or stress eating) and mostly unproductive. Awareness is the critical first step to changing reactions or habits you don’t want. Imagine what you would do if you could ideally handle the situation differently.

For those stressors that cannot be easily changed, look for other ways to reduce tension such as exercise, outside activities or pursuits that provide an engaging outlet for your time and attention. Discover ways to relax through engaging in reading, singing and yoga. Maintain a balanced routine of activity, sleep, proper diet and enjoyable pursuits goes a long way.

Keep Work at Work

If you have a smartphone that dings with every work email, it’s like your workday never stops. As much as possible, learn to separate yourself from your job. Trying to burn the candle at both ends will always catch up with you. Taking the time to recharge will pay dividends in both productivity and stress reduction.

Relaxation Exercises

Stress, tension, and anxiety can often overlap and cause a lot of negative effects on your physical and mental health. Learning how to practice relaxation can help reduce these effects. Meditation, mindfulness exercises, and deep breathing techniques are relaxation techniques that can be practiced and honed over time. They are useful reacting to immediate stressors or just recharging after a long day.

Seek support

Attempting to handle the challenges yourself often causes greater suffering from job stress. In addition to seeking support from your family, friends and colleagues, the experience and knowledge of a qualified counsellor are often beneficial. The counselors at Clear Path Solutions ( are equipped and trained to help you identify a personalized plan of effective solutions to job-related stress. They work with you to come up with a stress management plan so you can lead a happier life.

When your job stresses you out, your whole life can feel out of whack. These steps can help you regain the balance in your life.

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