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How Couples Counselling Can Benefit Your Marriage

Many couples are reluctant to present their marital woes to a therapist. Couples often consider counselling to be a last resort when their difficulties become unbearable. The good news is that it is never too late to seek professional help. Whether you have unresolved issues with your partner, are thinking about divorce, or would like […]

Depression in Women

thinking woman

Depression is unique to the individual who suffers from it, but symptoms are often similar in like demographics. For example, teenage boys react to depression differently from adult women- and vice versa. Moreover, depression can be seasonal, genetic, or situational, so diagnosing it is not always easy. Signs of Depression in Adult Women When women […]

Therapy can help heal broken relationships

When couples fight or are at odds, it can be said, metaphorically, that the bloom has fallen from the rose. Sometimes the best course of action before deciding whether or not to split is to seek couples therapy. There are a host of reasons why couples fight, and, consequently, a number of reasons why they […]

The Negative Path to Happiness

The Globe and Mail recently featured an article about the pressure attaining happiness being the precise thing that leads to unhappiness In the article, Professor Daniel Wegner of Harvard University coined the term “ironic process theory” to explain this phenomenon, which ends up meaning “unhappiness makes itself known when we ignore its presence.” Facing the […]

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