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How do I know if my relationship is worth saving?

How do I know if my relationship is worth saving?

One of the most frequently asked questions posed to psychologists, marriage therapists and couples counsellors is, “How do I know if my relationship is worth saving?”  Relationships become strained and in doubt for many reasons: absence of sex and intimacy, financial conflicts, health issues, family concerns, difficulties adapting to having children, growing personal differences and […]

Finding the Right Fit with a Therapist

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Scientific research now demonstrates clearly that to achieve good outcomes in therapy and counseling, clients or patients must believe there is a good fit between them and the therapist. The more patients feel that the therapist or counsellor ‘gets’ them or understands them, and the more they feel that the therapist’s approach to therapy suits […]

Is Your Job Stressing You Out?

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Scientific research tell us that 1 in 4 Canadian workers find their day-to-day lives “extremely stressful?” Having to do more with less people and fewer resources is a recipe for chronic stress that leads to burnout and short term disability. Even if you’re not in the burn-out phase as yet, job stress can have serious […]

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